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#Bestsummerever winner ~ British Airways

#Bestsummerever winner ~ British Airways

Big thanks to British Airways for selecting this image as your weekly winner.
For your chance to win, sImply add the #Bestsummerever tag to your instagram images. Good Luck all.


themuse.com Feature – 50 Instagrammers to Follow Right Now

Very humbled to placed on this list. Especially under the travel category. Go check out the other 49 peeps worth following. Thank you @themuse.com

Mother London | SFTW | The Instagram Issue – featuring yours truly.


“Instagram only launched back in 2010, but has since rocketed to fame as the choice camera app for iPhone and Android smart-phone users. And they just can’t get enough of it, photographing just about everything they come across. So in this issue devoted to Instagram, we give SFTW readers a mini-lowdown on the app. We have insights on why it’s been successful; why Instagrammers are addicted to taking pictures; how brands are using it, and how it’s inspired a whole host of off shoot products and inventions. Oh and we’ll throw in a list of Instagrammers to follow too.”

Big up @motherlondon & @SFTW for the shout out!

My #Instagram guerrilla gallery. Now* showing at 34,000ft and rising!


Exhibiting onboard a boeing 747 from London to Kuala Lumpur. *(Sept 2011)

Welcome friends.

So I’ve been working on a little personal Project for some time now, which has taken my Whisper Gallery on tour ~ Guerrilla style.

The idea/concept

It’s simple and only a bit of fun really. Being a die hard IG (Instagram) addict, I’m finding it more and more difficult to show my friends my pics. I’ve printed a blurb book


I even created a new blog (thewhispergallery). So this is my extravagant attempt at regaining their interest and reigniting my grafitti roots along the way:)

The kit is all very simple. My old iPod Touch, its original packaging, and a printed guilded frame mounted onto foam board. (I did investigate an original antique frame but at a cost of £50, the foam board is fine for now;)

The video below will give you a better idea of the gallery in action.

So whenever and wherever I get an opportunity, I’ll quickly mount up my guerilla exhibition along with my QR code label. I’m only talking a matter of mintues for each show, especially If I’m in an extremly public domain ~ I dont want anyone to run off with my exhibition now do I??!!

So far I’ve micro exhibited at my old studio in Kings Cross, a Boeing 747 and on beach in Malaysia, however this was over 6 months ago and now I shall be taking the exhibtion back on tour around London. Keep an eye out for related posts.

Below you can see some the places I’ve stopped to micro exhibit 😉

My vision…It’s all very well doing this on my own, but I’d love to have a guerrilla exhibtion with a whole load of fellow iphoneographers.



What’s next?

How to build your own Insta geurrilla gallery – I’ll be doing a proper post on how to create your own Guerrilla gallery, with more detail on all the kit. Imagine, If enough people create them, we can then work on the first Guerrilla exhibition flashmob or something??

Nano & iPad versions coming soon.


Inspired by…


Meet listagr.am. It’s Instagram for your browser. (& now PicFX)


listagr.am is a helpful way to browse your Instagram phtostream outside of the app (and your smartphone). Great for someone like me who has over 300 photos, and have found myself struggling a bit recently to search down some older posts. Its made all your Instagram pics, searchable, browsable and all in one place. Cool!

My blog posts have slowed again of recent, due to work pressures, however Instagram has been my creative outlet in the meantime (as well as my work of course;)

Check out my Instagram/listagr.am set here

My whole set is shot and edited using my iPhone3GS *only.

Update: PicFx (the photo editing app) also have an online offering for Instagram users, However I’m still liking the listagr.am offering right now as it allows me to view all my images not just the most recent, also the Picfx site is quite buggy ~ It’s been down 3/5 visits.


Anyways, I’m sure theres more to follow. Update over.

*(and a whole gang of photo editing apps)