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#Bestsummerever winner ~ British Airways

#Bestsummerever winner ~ British Airways

Big thanks to British Airways for selecting this image as your weekly winner.
For your chance to win, sImply add the #Bestsummerever tag to your instagram images. Good Luck all.

Advertisements Feature – 50 Instagrammers to Follow Right Now

Very humbled to placed on this list. Especially under the travel category. Go check out the other 49 peeps worth following. Thank you

Interview with Frame Again | FRAME OF MIND  


Frame Again is a startup Instagram framing website based in Islington.

Looking forward to getting my frame from them. Photos to follow.


For our second interview, this week we’re chatting to @mrwhisper​. He’s gathered an Instagram following of around 36,000 people since joining three years ago when he was recommended it by his girlfriend. He describes himself as ‘addicted’ to it these days, but this usage has paid off in the striking images he takes.  Intensely urban, his photos reflect all sides of London, from Georgian porticoes to street art and his continual fascination with the London Underground picks out the interesting and beautiful in the seemingly mundane.

What or who is your inspiration?

My inspiration can come from everywhere but mainly it’s from London itself. It’s an incredible city with so much to offer visually, from the people to the buildings and not forgetting my favourite place, the iconic underground.

Why do you like Instagram, what does it offer?

Instagram is my social network of choice. It has an amazing community; it’s overflowing with great talent and inspiration. The feedback I’ve received over the years inspires me to keep shooting. And more recently I’ve have attended a few instameets, which has added a whole new dimension to my Instagram world, not to mention all the new friends I have made.

My images have sat on other photo sharing networks with little or no response. This is the magic Instagram has to offer above and beyond other apps in the same genre. It was also the first network I discovered that seem to embrace mobile photography, the fact that you could only upload and share through the app itself, was a huge attraction to me. I felt like there was finally a natural home for mobile photography.

You often take pictures of the underground – what intrigues you about it?

My collection of underground candid shots came about by chance. My boring daily commute proved to be my only opportunity when I’d be able to shoot.

However, I’d see such interesting people everyday, it proved to make an interesting subject and gallery. And quickly made my mundane commute into an exciting daily shoot.

Being a champion for mobile photography the tube is a great way to expose the differences between big camera and mobile photography. Some of my underground candid shots would be impossible with a D/SLR. Simply because people would see you coming, and the moment would be lost.

What’s the favourite image you’ve taken?

That’s a very tough question for me and I don’t think I have an ultimate favourite. Although street life in London is my consistent theme, my focus changes daily to keep my gallery fresh and my photography skills well balanced.

My favourite image of 2014 is one of my current project of making London Street portraits, both candid and in this case directed. I really like how this one (first image, above) turned out. It’s simple but with so much going on at the same time. The tones & textures of the background along with my girlfriend’s coat work in harmony. Her body language and expression are just right with the umbrella popped inside out which is balanced out with her bag on her other arm. I’ve began to create a series of these which you can see here #nostoppinthepoppins on Instagram. It’s homage to the one and only Mary Poppins.

Which other Instagrammers do you like?

Another next to impossible question to answer, and definitely too many to mention, but these instagramers consistently float my boat and are all worth a visit:

@mustafaseven, @jasonmpeterson, @tonydetroit, @takinyerphoto, @monaris_, @Rich__, @jesmondo

via Frame Again | FRAME OF MIND   For our second interview, this….