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Never miss a moment.

“NEVER MISS A MOMENT” … Big thanks to the clever people over at @nomadgoods for sending me this #Chargekey. Basically it replaces your traditional iPhone cable, to ensure you can always charge/transfer on the go! 👌✨ (Gold bling not included😉, also available for android) #nomadgoods#welcometothefuture#sponsored


Pebble smart watch!


Let’s see how this plays out . Is this really the future?

It took around 3 and a bit weeks to arrive, with an additional £26 cost which #pebble conveniently forgot to mention, also I had to pick it up from the local post office. This was a let down after waiting so long! – Rant over 🙂

Simple surprises. #backspaces


It’s the first time I’ve see the refresh area at the top of the screen, (when you pull your content down). Used in this way – the galaxy style image. It was a delightful surprise and I like it! It’s the little things right!

Oh yeah and I’m on #backspaces (obviously;)


Rust in peace, Iron Lady… Wait a minute!


This could only happen on the Internet, Internets!


Photo Stealer app


From Obama to Einstein, this slick little free video messaging app allows you to wear one of nine iconic masks in real time.

Pretty awesome. Making great use of the lo-res front facing cam. Perfect!


3D Doodler

Says what it does on the tin!

(Via TomBoombox)


Ninjafy – making the web a more serious place

The best thing I’ve seen in ages! Its like digital graffiti. By adding the ‘Ninjafy link to your toolbar you can ninjafy the whole web! Check it out here