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Physical Likes’. I Like, however I’m not sure how true the numerical rep. will be as I’d be tempted to press the button just to see the’Like’ tally tot up, just like when you were 5 and would press the button at traffic lights to see the icon light up, and then walk straight on. 🙂


Shoot, Beautify & Share your Now. My “NOW project” ~ it’s aLIVE. #thenowproject #facebook #samsungwaveII #shareyournow #samsung

The NOW project, Something I’ve been working on as the lead agency with my trusted team, along with a few friendly agencies. It’s for Samsung to launch their new Wave II handset.

The idea

The Now Project celebrates the launch of the next generation Samsung Wave II with its creative editing suite – and it’s all about sharing a photo of your Now. Simply shoot, beautify and then upload your Now to Samsung’s Now Project Facebook page. And if it’s really good, who knows? It might become one of 50 photos displayed at our exclusive exhibition at the London Design Museum 17th March – you could even win your very own Samsung Wave II.”

The Below animation was done by my talented team, under a great amount of stress, still to be tweaked (NEEDS SOUND)…phase 700 and all that! Big UP!!!

Download now or watch on posterous

main_render_2.flv (7233 KB)

Spreading Jam helped in development of the idea and produced the video (below) along with the Facebook app ~ nice work guys, It’s been a pleasure.

Altogether, it’s looking like a pretty cool campaign.I’m almost happy, and that’s a rare occurance when my work is concerned! What are you waiting for …Share your Now!

Your personal Facebook newspaper by Post post! #postpost

PostPost is the only way to see what the people you follow said about… anything.

A new kind of social search, in BETA.

Introduction video..<div class=”posterous_quote_citation”>via</div>

Here’s mine. I’ve been looking for a tool like this for a little while. Social search! Nice.

get yours here…

Facebook takeover.

Pretty cool..check it out..