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Done The Green Thing

Plug Out by Pete Fowler 1/23

Illustrator and world famous monsterist Pete Fowler wanted to inspire people to live a life less electrical with his poster:

“I was on a train recently and I noticed that every passenger had an electric device plugged in and I thought it was insane. Gadgets are great but oh my god we’re consuming so much power, let’s pull back a little bit. Synthesizers and audio equipment and all the wires that come out of them are great, but it’s also nice to show a world with acoustic sound and natural light. I think everyone should plug out their synth for an hour and strum an acoustic guitar.”

I just ordered mine 😉

Do The Green Thing.


Burma update

Films really can make a difference. They shape our perceptions for the future. It can reach audiences that political dialogue can’t. Creative dialogue is just as powerful as political dialogue and this film is a fine example of that.-Suki Dusanj, Head of Events, Burma Campaign UK.
Production Company: Shilo (New York, USAfrom www.noneofusarefree
Beautiful Art direction on this, well worth a few moments of your time.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Design and the Elastic Mind

Well worth taking a few moments to watch this, to see how we might be “living the day after tomorrow”. I wish I could check it out first hand.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

To document MoMA’s wonderful, monumental exhibit spanning design, science and technology, “Design and the Elastic Mind”. The show’s esteemed curator, Paola Antonelli speaks in detail about several of the exhibit, including “The Afterlife,” a system for turning corpses into batteries, robots that act as personal climatizers and DNA origami. She also weighs in on her curatorial approach, addressing the role of the designer, her mission to shift public perception of design and how design revolutionizes our lives.
As always, but especially in this case, we hope CH inspires you to experience this show firsthand. It’s up through May 2008.