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Twitter Ninja attacks!


Nippon TV has just launched an interesting guerrilla campaign (Japan’s most popular tv network). Nippon Tv has partnered with Hulu & Joost to create these mini comedy channels that run 24/7, named Gaki Attack, they lock four comedians in a gym and are randomly punished and tortured for 24 hours through a whole range of hilarious ninja attacks (in true crazy Japanese style). Download a very small teaser here.

But the real campaign feature here is a cool little twitter app that allows you to “ninja attack” your friends on twitter! So check out the Gaki Attack twitter app here.


Music to my beers…

Make music with your webcam and a bottle of ‘Bit’ beer on this web special for the German Bitburger Brewery. In case you don’t have a bottle at hand, an optional way of testing is provided on

A lovely way to extend the brand experience – music and beer what else do you need?

Skuair: 2D Image Recognition, Beyond Barcodes

Vodpod videos no longer available. 

Skuair: 2D Image Recognition, Beyond Barcodesby Christine Huang in Trends In Europe, Electronics & Gadgets, Telecom, Advertising & BrandingBarcelona-based Daem Interactive has unveiled their latest image recognition technology dubbed Skuair, a system that reads pictures and logos taken via mobile phone and immediately spits back relevant urls or other chosen information. Once the mobile photo is taken, a low-res version of the image is sent to Skuair’s processing server and the corresponding URL/content is returned. The owner of the image can choose from a variety of multimedia urls or messages to associate with his or her image. We’re not really clear how the technology works, but supposedly users will even be able to apply their own tags to images later this year.


This is great

From this evenings London Paper.

In brief I’m pretty excited at the fact that this could potentially bring a whole new audience online. I’ve heard of trendy shows like ‘Heroes’ and ‘Lost’ and such using the net to help build their stories. But the Bill, wow, I’m very impressed. 🙂