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Simple surprises. #backspaces


It’s the first time I’ve see the refresh area at the top of the screen, (when you pull your content down). Used in this way – the galaxy style image. It was a delightful surprise and I like it! It’s the little things right!

Oh yeah and I’m on #backspaces (obviously;)


Done The Green Thing

Plug Out by Pete Fowler 1/23

Illustrator and world famous monsterist Pete Fowler wanted to inspire people to live a life less electrical with his poster:

“I was on a train recently and I noticed that every passenger had an electric device plugged in and I thought it was insane. Gadgets are great but oh my god we’re consuming so much power, let’s pull back a little bit. Synthesizers and audio equipment and all the wires that come out of them are great, but it’s also nice to show a world with acoustic sound and natural light. I think everyone should plug out their synth for an hour and strum an acoustic guitar.”

I just ordered mine 😉

Do The Green Thing.