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New UI #appletv update got my TV looking like a giant iPad 😳


Apple tv update. I prefer the old interface. This looks cheap!


iSupr8 Vs 8mm. #iSupr8 #8mm

Download now or watch on posterous (17072 KB)

Second vid using iSupr8.

Here’s my  thoughts ~ iSupr8 Vs 8mm (using an iPhone 3GS)

The video quality and file sizes are much higher/bigger than 8mm.

Developing your footage takes a few moments longer than 8mm.

The interface is not as friendly as 8mm, but still easy enough to figure out.

iSupr8 demands alot of processor and battery, so ensure you close down other apps and have plenty of juice. (both to film and develop)

Wrap it up…

iSupr8 ~ Better at home, for those special ‘goodtimes’ you don’t want to forget. And to have a mains power supply to hand.

8mm ~ Better for on the move, uses less juice, quicker to develop, smaller files sizes = quicker uploads. However the final output won’t be as good as iSupr8. (link to my 8mm vid)

Ultimately, I think both apps are great and both apps serve a slightly different purpose, in it’s simplist terms ~ iSupr8 is HD quality, and 8mm is regular.

~ I hope this helps.

(I know I should really do a comparison video test thingy, but hey it’s Sunday, and I’m hungry)

Download now or watch on posterous (15647 KB)

A quick tester. (my 1st vid)
It’s my shelf of stuff. Enjoy!

iTunes 12 days of Xmas app. 1st freebies out…