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A like clunky but another new search tool, well worth a try…

I love the way they describe themselves on Google…

“Welcome to your new media system. WE ARE NOT PERFECT, not commercial, but FUN.”



Heres a great service. What with the current state of fuel prices no one can afford not to sign up.

Go to the free website, register, enter your postcode & tell it how far you’re willing to travel (2, 5, 10 or 20 miles) and it’ll list today’s cheapest petrol stations in your area for unleaded, diesel, LPG and other fuels. A quick check before you need to fill up should be enough to save you serious cash.


PSFK Presentation ‘Change The World Or Go Home’

PSFK Conference London, originally uploaded by Mr.Whisper.

Just went through the PSFK Presentation ‘Change The World Or Go Home’. To my surprise (in slide no.5) I found this Photo I took at the PSFK conference in London back in June.

Nice to know I helped ‘change the world’ 🙂

Okay enough about me… heres the presentation

slide 73 – my favourite. (apart from 5 of course) 😉