Honda’s Interactive Dream Wall. Nice, nice.

“Boffswana and DTDigital have combined with Honda Australia to create an Australian first for the International Motor Show: The Honda ‘Dream Wall’ installation.

The immersive dream creation experience combines cutting-edge facial recognition and emotion sensing technology to power a series of animations that are triggered by the detection of a person’s smile.

This is the first interactive experience of it’s kind in Australia and only the second in the world (the first was an ice cream vending machine by SapientNitro for Unilever). The installation software integrates the Fraunhofer technology SHORE (Sophisticated Highspeed Object Recognition Engine) which is a highly optimized software library for face and object detection and fine analysis.

The installation features a series of 6 cameras concealed along the front of the screens which track and detect motor show attendees as they walk past. Via the camera data captured, the software can detect peoples face positioning and features in real time. The detection data is used by the software to then calculate what it “sees” and determine details of the show attendees such as gender, age and emotions such as happy, sad, etc. Based on this data the application delivers different messages to the show attendees including the “generation of dreams” in the form of motion graphic animations.”


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