Meet It’s Instagram for your browser. (& now PicFX)

Media_httpdistillerys_mjeie is a helpful way to browse your Instagram phtostream outside of the app (and your smartphone). Great for someone like me who has over 300 photos, and have found myself struggling a bit recently to search down some older posts. Its made all your Instagram pics, searchable, browsable and all in one place. Cool!

My blog posts have slowed again of recent, due to work pressures, however Instagram has been my creative outlet in the meantime (as well as my work of course;)

Check out my Instagram/ set here

My whole set is shot and edited using my iPhone3GS *only.

Update: PicFx (the photo editing app) also have an online offering for Instagram users, However I’m still liking the offering right now as it allows me to view all my images not just the most recent, also the Picfx site is quite buggy ~ It’s been down 3/5 visits.


Anyways, I’m sure theres more to follow. Update over.

*(and a whole gang of photo editing apps)


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