2011 Portfolio projeqt



Sponsorship activity

Dot.com activity


    Currently in the mix

    • LED TV 6 microsites (link coming soon)
    • Olympics 2012
    • Mobile campaign (sneak peak of product & microsite)


    That’s all folks for now. Did you like? If so it would be great to talk through the above projects in further detail, in particular the timelines in which they were produced.



    London, Creative Lead/Senior Art Director
    Jun 2003 ~ Nov 2009

    (Description coming soon)

    Below you can some of my finer moments during my time at Agency.com. Please view in fullscreen.


    A bit more on Me

    The Above covers my work work, however it’s well worth seeing the workings out to these projects, and the things that make me tick. Check out my blog, and various social streams, It will give you a clearer idea as to where my head is at digitally speaking.

    I love testing new apps, gadgets, technologies, and more importantly seeing how people react to them. I’m constantly on the upload (addicted), checkout my memolane to see my social streams on a timeline from as far back as I started them.


    • Creative concepting for digital brand experiences, both tactical and strategic.
    • Introducing new and exciting technologies, to excite clients with the endless ways in which digital can engage.
    • Develop a wide variety of concepts encompassing all media touch points.
    • Managing the design process for large site developments and online campaigns.
    • Growing design teams.
Client liason and presentation skills
Rapid design and prototyping


    For further employment history please visit my LinkedIn

    References available upon request. Thank you.




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