Ouch! The Cure for my headaches look like as much fun as a hole in my head…#clusterheadaches

This is an amazing break through for Cluster sufferers. As painful as the video looks, this is nothing in comparison to the actual headache.
A radical technique which involves drilling an electrode into the brain is being used to treat patients plagued by excruciating headaches.

The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London says deep brain stimulation is proving highly successful in helping reduce the frequency of so-called “cluster headaches.”

This is a condition in which patients get horrendous headaches on one side of the head. They can get up to eight a day lasting from 15 minutes to three hours.

Dr Manjit Matharu, a consultant neurologist said the pain is terrible.

“We have asked female patients to describe the pain and every one who has given birth has said childbirth is just a fraction of the pain compared to cluster headaches.”


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