Epic-Mix. Geo-social boarding


RFID boarding resort. Great idea! Shame about the cheesy vid.


“One of America’s largest ski resort companies is hoping to make the sport even more social this season, with a location-based gaming app it’s calling Epic Mix.Vail Resorts, owners of Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Keystone and Heavenly resorts in Colorado and California debuted the mobile and web-based application today at a press event at the Ace Hotel in Manhattan.”  via contagious




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  1. Jon

    I think this will be fun for vacationing skiers and some weekend warriors. Although I don’t like the issue of data collection regarding my vertical feet. Their is no way to opt-out of the resort collecting my data without mutilating my pass. As these RFID networks grow around the mountain I have other privacy concerns.As for phone apps, a person installing these apps must ask, "Does the app continue to send data (including location) back to the company? And do I want that?" Many of the current location based phone apps do. At least I have a choice to make, "Do I choose to download the app or not?"RFID enabled passes are ultra-convenient for the skier or rider for scanning at the base lifts. I think there will be a large population who think it is cool and think the benefits will be neat. Yet, there is a large population of guest who prefer not to be scanned from lift to lift once we are out of the base area. Nor do they want the RF network to expand from current lift based locations. The data collected from a group of people who are active with discretionary time and money is highly desirable demographic for resorts and their affiliates. A this point the resorts don’t allow for flexible solutions to let the guest turn their tracking on and off.The Privacy Policy of Vail Resorts allows them to give usage or skier/rider data to 3rd party affiliates. And puts the responsibility on the guest to read the resort affiliate’s privacy policy to find out what they do with the data. And so on, and so on.A similar situation came to light in the Oct 18t WSJ article, Facebook in Privacy Breach. App developers were sending user info to their affiliates. One of which is RapLeaf. This is a company which pieces together data from many sources to create dossiers on individuals.I ski and ride for the freedom, fitness, and peace it gives me. I will be using the Ski Pass Defender to keep my usage data to myself. If I choose to track my vertical feet or get a "resort reward" I still can, but it is my choice.When skiing tracked or untracked, I prefer UNTRACKED.

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